Digi Careernet HR Solutions has always been on the forefront of excellence, providing staffing solutions in all areas of business. That is why, we are proud to be among the leading recruitment agencies in India. We have seen our services expand over the years and build a portfolio filled with trust and assurance. Our clients have been from all facets of the industry ranging from FMCG, IT, business services, hospitality, banking and more. With each passing year, we hope to better our services in terms of staffing solutions and the fields of payroll services.



A top-notch and a leading manpower outsourcing and HR Staffing Company with 25 years of Industry Expertise, steadily becoming one of Top Recruitment Agencies in India. We build trust with brands by the most authenticated Staff augmentation services. We have helped many brands grow with us – Yours can be next!



We become the HR for you – To take ownership in onboarding the best candidates for you via our Manpower Outsourcing and Recruitment Services. We also simplify your payroll complications with our Payroll Outsourcing Services – Now Say Goodbye to Challenges and Embrace Uninterrupted Success with our staffing solutions! 25 years down the line, we have helped top brands to grow and enhance their success and manage their talent pool with our HR and Payroll Services.